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how did it all come down to this
how did they get so old
he feels the pulse of their first hours
fading in the cold

and everything he loved about this life
the fire and gasoline
lovers crumble slow beneath the weight of gravity
it's beautiful and it's obscene

he pulled into the parking lot
bare trees and cracked leaves, the hint of a storm
they met here so many years ago
back then it felt like being born

time it flies without a license
crashes into everything
she chased the sky, she willed the sound and light to touch them
they stood and held their arms up high

they washed away, away
they washed away, away
here comes the flood
what will it take?
here comes the flood
what will you let it take this time

they spent their last words in a dim cafe
half drunk and shaken and sharing their sins
he couldn't ask the waitress for the check
the months of moments leading to this

he looked up and saw her face
her eyes were soft and scared like the sea
she let him in, then quickly looked away
gathered up her things to leave

and with her she would take
the warmth of her skin
the feel of her fingers within his
the sound of her breathing as she slept
the way that her eyes always said
here comes the flood

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