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There used to be a path here that was
Etched out by our footprints
It ran between our palaces
And led us through the dark

The path is hard to find now
With the growth of time and distance
No markers of the journey
As it was before we came

I think about those years, sometimes
When you were barely standing
I tried my best to hold you up
I did the best I could

And in the waking hours when
The nightmare's villains vanished
I thought it would go differently
But there are no good answers

I'm chapters deep
And still I keep
Time goes by
And still I try
To understand the ending

Nostalgia is the failure of
A memory with good intentions
We'll still see each other
In the faces of our children

And I will plant a garden that
Someday someone will trample
Running when a friend calls out their name
As it was before we came

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